How does it work?

 How does it work?

Most successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common

Everything they use has to be simple, powerful and effective. If you’re a super busy, time conscious entrepreneur, you may not want to spend years bogged down with old-fashioned ways.

 Yeah, but how ?

Like most entrepreneurs we never found the answer. When we needed 2x the business in ½ the time, we had to reinvent our approach to business.

We went from struggling to 2x, 3x, 4x…with REWIRE.

We went from struggling to 2x, 3x, 4x.. to what became a multi-million dollar financial services firm from our basement.

You can read about it in our book, REWIRE.

Old-fashioned CRM is just too difficult, we had to reinvent that too.

We solved the CRM problem by blending the proven REWIRE method with email marketing, analytics and putting it all on a CRM platform that’s easy to use.


Just add your contacts

Here’s what we run everyday, we do this because it works. We get the greatest number of sales – about 2x what we used to and if you turn on speed dial and pay attention to REWIRE we cut our time in 1⁄2. You get the same thing we use + you can modify CONNECT to meet the nuances of your business. Pretty sweet.

“It’s so simple to use!”

 A happier you starts now.


Market to 1 or 100,000

We eliminate as many clicks as possible. 20 minutes less clicking per day is 67 hours a year of free time.

While every other CRM loads on features that may take years to actually figure out, we look for things to remove. Fewer icons, fewer places to look, fewer silly things that get in the way of your freedom. If it makes you freer faster, we love it, if it doesn’t, you won’t find it here.

Build your empire.

CONNECT across the room or across the world.

In about 2 minutes you can CONNECT with another user.

Add as many CONNECT users as you want, there are no limits.


See who opened your mail

Watch for these 2 eye-opening indicators that will change your direction.

Grow your list huge with Remarketing

Learn even more in the Lab Tutorials & Samples

In tutorials, you quickly learn the methods we’ve found to 2x income in 1⁄2 the time.

CONNECT with other entrepreneurs in live Jam! sessions.

“In 10 minutes you explained what I’ve been wondering about for years.”

For more on advanced topics, sales, things we’re seeing, testing, experiencing and thinking come to our CONNECT JAM! Sessions. Your input helps everyone and helps us make CONNECT even better.

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