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What if everything about business that doesn’t work, could?

CONNECT is a proven, step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to launch and grow business in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to who to target, what to say and how to follow up – it’s pre-configured in CRM software and ready for you to start today.

Introducing, the world’s first program to combine record-breaking methods into CRM so you can build business faster.

Save Time

Choose innovative partners who think like you do.

CONNECT founders John Eliason and Chuck Fowler self-starters who went from zero – no money and no clients, launching from a basement to becoming award winning entrepreneurs. Learn more about them here.

Run a system that solves problems, not creates them.

What we didn’t realize was that CONNECT would help us reduce time by ½ and increase business 3x, 4x and more – Soon we’d landed over 11,000 clients and gone nationwide.

Learn how in REWIRE.

Save Steps

We’re all on the same page.

A single version of CONNECT exists across all users, nobody gets left behind. There’s very little set-up, CRM and Broadcast Email Marketing are preloaded with our best methods.Run the same 2x in ½ the time system like we do, or modify to meet the nuances of your business.

Just add your contacts and start.

If you need help building a list, no problem. We can help you accumulate your list from all kinds of sources..

Increase Speed

Send 1 or 5,000 emails in a snap.

Simply create the message [pic], and send it to any one or to a premade list. Send to buyers, non-buyers, prospects, joint venture targets of everyone in your family.

it all takes about a minute.

Create better marketing.

Simple A/B testing seems to be the simplest biggest impact way to get better response. It’s like having your own lab.

Example: If A get’s 5% and B get’s 8% in a simple test, B is 60% better! Now you know which one to run in your major campaign.

Always know who to contact next.

Your best targets are always queued to the top – always.

Make it a game.

Turning on timers and using power dial can cut your time by 2-3 hours a day! it all takes about a minute.

Add an assistant, sales or a call center.

In about 2 minutes you can add another user across the room or across the world.

Better Connections

Find higher targets in less time.

We’ll help you see what others don’t so you can find valuable targets your competition misses and connect with targets that scale (are worth more than just a sale).

Get targets in a system

Get business calling you.

One of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve ever found is what we call Remarketing™. It’s the process of keeping in what we call “Creative Contact” with everyone. It’s simple, it gets prospects calling you – and CONNECT has it built-in.

Get More Life Back

What if everything that doesn’t work about growing business could?

We had this drive to have all the business we wanted plus the freedom to do what we liked. The reasons to have Broadcast Email Marketing and CRM were valid; you can handle massive amounts of contacts, get through them quickly and advertise effectively and inexpensively, but we couldn’t do it with any software – so we built the solution.